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          Blackout curtains are essential for insomniacs, light sleepers, night shift workers, new parents and everyone who has trouble sleeping. They possess a great room darkening feature which prevents unwanted external light from entering the room. As well as natural light, they can help block out streetlights, passing car headlights, neighbours security lighting and annoying flashing Christmas lights. A common misconception is that these curtains are expensive, in fact cheap blackout curtains are easily accessible.


A brief history

Interestingly, blackout curtains were used in WWII to block out the light from buildings and make them invisible to German bomber planes. Nighttime air raids were a major threat and the curtains were a real life saver. Now a popular choice for window coverings, they provide a wealth of benefits to the home owner.

                                                                                                                                           Thermal blackout silver eyelet curtains


         Latte blockout pencil pleat curtains                                                                                                                                 

Thermal coating

Blackout curtains often have a thermal coating which provides maximum insulation. They can help regulate room temperature and reduce heating costs. In winter months they insulate the room and keep the heat from escaping making it warmer. In summer months they keep the heat of the sun out of the room making it cooler.


Reduce noise levels

Insulated curtains can also reduce noise levels in the home. As well as stopping noise entering from outside, they also help to keep noise in. Outside noise mainly enters your home through your windows or doors, curtains are a cheap way to soundproof and block out unwanted noise such as noisy neighbours, heavy rain fall, traffic and children playing in the street.


Cleaning and looking after your curtains

Blackout curtains are made from an ultra-tight weave or dense or layered materials, such as felt, velvet or suede. Because of this they cannot be ironed or washed in a washing machine. Regular hoovering will help prevent the curtains from becoming soiled. A damp sponge is required to remove any marks. As always, follow the care instructions on the packaging.

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