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Benefits of blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are essential for insomniacs, light sleepers, night shift workers, new parents and everyone who has trouble sleeping. They possess a great room darkening feature which prevents unwanted external light from entering the room. As well as natural light, they can help block out streetlights, passing car headlights, neighbours security lighting and annoying flashing Christmas lights. A common misconception is that these curtains are expensive, in fact cheap blackout curtains are easily accessible..........

Which thread count?

Thread count is considered an important factor when looking for good quality bed sheets. The truth is that the weave used, and the quality of the cotton (or other materials), makes a much bigger difference than the thread count number. Even so, a choice of thread count should still be considered when choosing sheets for your bed..........

Children’s bedroom ideas 

Looking for the perfect theme for your little one’s room? From princesses to pirates we have some inspirational ideas to help you to create the perfect dream room, then finish the look with our range of fun-filled bed sets..........

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